CF Style: Cos underwear

Lace Bra and Knickers £19/£17

I love COS for their knitwear and underwear in equal measures. These bras made it into my basket before you could say ‘Dolce & Gabbana esque’. I love the modern, soft and gentle shapes of their designs, that flatter the natural female curve. I loathe nothing more than underwear that hoiks you up, creates giant, padded spheres somewhere up by your chin and a squished together ‘mono-boob’ scenario. Yuck. If you like Gap Body’s comfy, everyday range that still manages to feel feminine and sexy, have a look at COS. They might tickle your fancy.

There are loads of great bold colours at the mo (I love this tangerine set) and colourful prints, too.

CF Style: Tights weather

So, I’ve been resisting it for a while but it is well and truly tight weather in Devon.

Because I am a general klutz and end up ripping anything less than industrial strength denier, I have given in and embraced the more robust end of the hosiery spectrum and invested in these three pairs for this winter:

These soft merino wool ribbed tights from Falke (£28.50) are my annual, without fail, purchase when it comes to tights. They are every shade of brilliant. Cosy, comfy and with a chambray shirt dress and chunky chestnut leather biker boots (I’ve had my eye on these from Michael Kors for a while) – the epitome of autumn.

These 100 Denier beauties are also from Falke (£22.95). The OH’s Nonna has them in every jewel-like shade (yes, she is a very chic Italian octogenarian) and I love how they add a hint of colour to a monochrome outfit. The Barolo burgundy and Deep Sea inky blue, are both beautiful:

For £10, I couldn’t resist these thermal tights from Pretty Polly – at a whopping 200 Denier they are fleecy lined and promise to be super cosy on my 6am starts when I commute to work in Bristol. On an icy January morning I think these are going to be just the thing…

Object of Desire: Patra silk pyjamas

I have made my mind up. I want to be buried in my Patra silk pyjamas. Actually scrap that, I’m not sure I can wait that long…


This is not a new revelation. My mother-in-law bought me a pair last Christmas – here I am resplendent in mine, forest green with cream piping, on Christmas Day watching the Downton Abbey special with a snoring labrador at my feet:

The Patra website itself is dire, please don’t take any notice. Just order a pair a size up (slouchy is best when it comes to silk pjs, trust me) and prepare to be Very Happy Indeed.

They are lightweight yet cosy, plus smart enough to wear to the breakfast table when staying with friends/family over the festive period (or in my case all day Boxing Day last year, I really was THAT chuffed with them). Husbands, these would be the perfect gift for a nursing mum as the button front is ideal for nursing and it will earn you SIGNIFICANT brownie point.

Enough said.


CF Loves: Scarlet & Argent by Hainsworth, blankets and throws

Hainsworth’s British heritage credentials blow me away. Yet until I was contacted by the PR about their relatively new retail brand, Scarlet & Argent, I’d ashamedly never heard of the 225 year old Yorkshire wool mill.

One of the UK’s oldest companies, it has been run as a family concern for 7 generations. Hainsworth has a peerless pedigree when it comes to textile manufacture – in a serendipitous twist of fate, the family run mill bought William Lupton & Co (another wool mill) from Kate Middleton’s great grandparents in 1958 and Hainsworth went on to supply the red cloth for Charles’ uniform that he wore to his wedding to Diana in 1981. Weird huh?!

In a nice nod to the family link, both William’s and Harry’s uniforms were also made using Hainsworth wool for William’s wedding in 2011.

So, royal ties aside, the interest for us mere commoners is Scarlet & Argent’s incredible heirloom blankets and throws. I say heirloom as not only are these textiles amazing historic examples of this country’s wool industry but at £150-£450 they are real investment pieces that should be cherished and past from generation to generation. As a family who have inherited pretty much all our most prized possessions from grandparents and parents, I am always mindful of what I might pass on to future generations.

As with any brand that I champion for I like to touch, feel, taste, experience or trial any product before recommending it, so Hainsworth kindly lent me a couple of their finest example textiles for the weekend.

They were a surprise hit with Mr. Country Bebe. Who immediately curled up under the ‘Twill and Granite’ throw in berry (£150) and sat contentedly watching original Bugs Bunny re-runs on a wet Sunday afternoon (is there anything better?!).

Made from 100% Merino lambswool it is super warm, soft and cosy. Big enough for two to cwtch under, but lightweight enough to sit neatly on the end of the sofa when not in use.

At the other end of the blanket spectrum was this behemoth beauty: the weighty ‘Top & Tail’ blanket (£250) in grey melange and damson. Made from 100% shetland wool, this time with a more rugged, textured finish.

I love the pop of colour against our monochrome walls and linens. Plus this heavier gauge blanket is perfect for winter – don’t you love being curled up in a nest of duvets and blankets all cosy warm with the air around you fresh and crisp? This from a woman who has been known to sleep with the window open in a snow storm, a good blanket is the only thing standing between me and hypothermia come February.

Wouldn’t they make a beautiful wedding gift? Or how about these beautiful pram blankets for a godchild, trimmed with vintage Liberty print?

A definite ‘CF Loves’ stamp of a approval.


30-second review: Links of London friendship bracelet

So, I just opened my first birthday present (yes, I know it’s not till Friday, I am an impatient kinda gal) – a luxe friendship bracelet! My mother-in-law knows me too well.

My new addition is from Links of London. The teal and grey thread is intricately interwoven between the sterling silver bars. It’s beautifully finished and the perfect companion to my beloved Monica Vinader Fiji bracelet (pictured).

A good start to the celebrations!

You can find more details on Links website –

An (early) birthday present to me: Longchamp 3D clutch in Cognac

So, I am in the twilight weeks of my Twenties, with the big 3-0 looming large on the horizon in early September. So what’s a girl to do to ease herself into a new decade? Well, buy a beautiful Longchamp clutch bag it seems…

Yes, even thought it was a self-purchase, I still had it gift-wrapped. I almost took the UPS guy’s fingernails off I grabbed it out of his mitts so quick.I managed to get the wrapping off even quicker…

Here she is. I could smell her through the dustbag, that earthy, soft, smoky twang of expensive leather. My daddy used to make us trawl around the tanneries of Florence and Rome as kids (he was a book restorer) so there are so many happy memories wrapped up in that one aroma.

It’s soooo soft, but with a beautiful grain to it. A deep cognac, tan. There is an oversized embossed handle strap on the top so you can hold it securely:

God, I love it already. It’s first outing is to a wedding at Kew Gardens next week (full outfit post to follow), until then I will be putting nose to leather and breathing deeply.

Longchamp 3D clutch in Cognac, £110,


The onesie for grown-ups – from the Toast 80% off archive sale

Yes, you heard. I’ve bought a onesie. But a beautiful one(sie) from Toast, courtesy of their incredible 80% off archive sale.

It was £25, instead of £90! I’m imagining it with some black Jackie O shades, floppy sunhat and my black Pierre Hardy for Gap sandals as a chic beach cover-up alternative.

God it looks comfy doesn’t it? Altho begs the question – how do you get in/out of it?

There are a few bits and bobs left in the Archive sale, so it’s worth taking a look. Also their gloriously cool linen sheets are on sale too – plus this incredible unglazed terracotta bracelet I’m sorely tempted by but that I know I’d smash.

CF Loves: Danish interiors brand, Bloomingville

So I have just fallen in love with the Danish Interiors company, Bloomingville. They are stocked at various independent boutiques across the country but somehow I’ve only just discovered their brand of modern Scandi interiors (read bleached woods, clean lines, organic shapes and mutes palettes with shots of colour).

If you don’t know their lovely stuff already, I’ve knocked up a little moodboard of my favourite pieces from the new catalogue to whet your whistle; you know, not as a sponsored post or anything, just for fun (I’m a photoshop geek, indulge me):

I like to think of it as a more refined, grown-up’s Ikea. Without the stress levels.

You can view the catalogue here:

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