CF Weekend: a tale of two weather fronts

I was secretly chuffed to bits that it was freezing cold on Friday night as it gave us the excuse to fire up our new woodburner for the first time. Here is the OH, channeling his inner caveman (what is it with men and fire building?!). The stove itself is the C4 from Charnwood. A English stove-makers based on the Isle of Wight. If, like us, you don’t live in an oldy worldy cottage but still hanker after a ‘real fire’ these modern, sleek and, most importantly, foolproof, super efficient stoves are brilliant.

So, we went to bed shivering and woke up to this:

Country Bebe has rather alarmingly, morphed into an avid nudist. Straight after breakfast he is rattling the back door, ripping his clothes off, trying to get out in the garden. He has spent the last two days naked, digging up weeds with his trowel and weeing in the flowerbeds. I have the sneaking suspicion by the end of the summer he will be semi-feral which, of course, was the EXACT reason for the big move to the country.

In other news: I have developed a mild addiction to Kallo dark chocolate rice cakes (gluten free and 55kcal each) and have finally plucked up the courage to invest in a juicer which arrives this week. Until then, I’m off to extract my son from the vegetable patch.


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