CF Review: Bodyism Serenity supplement for some serious beauty sleep

I’ve written a couple of posts now about coping with grief, and while I don’t wish for that to become my focus for, I thought a couple of practical, helpful ‘coping device’ style posts might help others going through the grieving process, or even those dealing with serious stress at the moment.

So, I’ve written a little about my bedtime routine, thanks to Aromatherapy Associates brilliant Inner Strength bath oil and the next step that has truly helped me combat stress-induced insomnia is Bodyism’s Serenity supplement.

I have a history of stress related insomnia – namely after a night-time car accident – so it was no surprise that in the last few months, sleep hasn’t come easily.

My main tip for anyone deal with grief is don’t try and stop yourself crying during the day. ‘Staying strong’ and ‘being brave’ are all very well but it’s got to come out sometime and if you put it off you will get into bed and howl. And I did. With a very bewildered toddler around, plus the practicalities of hospital visits, phone calls and juggling everyday life on top, I found myself getting into bed at night, turning off the light, and being flooded by a wave of tears. Learning to take some time alone during the day – a quiet 5 minutes sat in the garden, even a good 10-minute cry sat in the car in the hospital car park – it all helped to release some of that sorrow I was storing up for bedtime.

Another thing that really help, which I approached with a ‘well, it can’t hurt can it?’ skepticism is Bodyism’s Serenity supplement. While I truly love James Duigan’s brand and it’s ‘clean and lean’ ethos, I never thought something so natural could deliver such calm, restful sleep.

The chocolate drink (made with raw cacao powder for a huge hit of antioxidants) is a really cleverly balanced blend of herbs and minerals, each added for their specific snooze-inducing properties, for instance:

Hops, oats and chamomile – to help your body relax into a deep restful sleep.

The duo of calcium and magnesium are known to work on your nervous system to sustain deep and rejuvenating sleep.

Rosemary and liquorice for antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant properties (your immune system is the first thing to go when you are run-down and stressed).

L-Gutamine helps the body recover from periods of stress, while a whole host of herbs help combat the release of stress hormones and their effect on the body.

I have been making mine with warmed almond milk each night before I go up to bed. Yes it could be argued that the ‘warm drink’ in itself has a relaxing effect, or even the ‘placebo effect’ of taking something that purports to ‘help me sleep’ will put me in the right frame of mind but I can’t help but notice the difference in not only my stress levels but the deep, good quality, refreshing sleep that I have each evening I take this.

So many people self-medicate with sleeping pills to get them through difficult periods or sleeping patterns. This works out at just over £1.50 a night and for me, has been a lifesaver.

Bodyism Serenity supplement, £50* from or Space NK stores

*PR Sample

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