CF Eats: Raw juice benefits and the Philips Whole Fruit Juicer

After my amazing, energy boosting, skin-clearing, mood-balancing Green Cleanse from Purifyne, it inspired me to keep juicing. I have been wary in the past about investing in a juicer. They are bulky things, a faff to clean and I thought, would end up in the utility room after an initial ‘honeymoon’ period.

Not so. Here is this morning’s carrot, orange and ginger beauty:

After A LOT of research, I plumped for the Philips HR1861 Whole Fruit Juicer. The general consensus is that you want one that you can fling everything in whole. If you have to start chopping and peeling stuff, that is when it becomes a faff and you will definitely give up. This little powerhouse (and it is more compact than I had imagined, about the same size as my food processor) can take whole apples, carrot, great lengths of cucumber and even fibrous ginger. The only thing I peel are oranges but lemon wedges and limes go in whole.

This book actually came free from Amazon with my order and it’s been a pretty good starting place for tasty (if a bit sweet for me) juice recipes:

That actually, would be my next tip when juicing. Make sure you don’t overload on fruit based juices, else the fructose will send your blood sugar levels haywire. I try to keep to a 80: 20, veg:fruit ratio. So a favourite is spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon and then an apple to help sweeten it:

My husband calls it my ‘hulk juice’.

Another great one from the book for a serious vitamin and antioxidant hit, which isn’t too sweet, is carrot, apple, celery, beetroot, lemon and ginger. I like to start the day with this one:

Now I’ve got more confident with my combos, I’m starting to go off-piste. Melon, mint, lettuce, broccoli, parsley (such a good cleanser)… it takes 15mins for the nutrients in raw juices to simulate into the bloodstream, as opposed to 3 hours (and a lot less benefits) from cooked veg.

There are a billion and one benefits to raw juices – my favourites being:

  • 3 raw vegetable juices a WEEK can help reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s by 76%
  • You absorb up to 90% of the nutrients from raw juice, as opposed to 25-35% of the same veg/fruit if you were to eat it. Making juicing very cost vs. nutrition efficient!
  • It has been proven to eleviate health problems from asthma and skin conditions such as psoriasis (my skin is certainly at it’s best), to case studies showing a high beta-carotene juicing diet shrinking some cancerous masses.

This last one is obviously a biggie for me. Yes, I’m sure my recent health drive is a knee-jerk reaction to losing Daddy so rapidly to cancer. Yet after a reading a wealth of medical research (the cancer active page here is a really important read) into the health benefits of raw juicing, and particularly the link between cancer cells and betacarotene intake, it seems clear that upping your vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels in this way is a VERY GOOD THING.

Bottoms up!

CF x



CF Review: The Purifyne 3-day Green Cleanse

Last Friday morning, just in time for breakfast, I took delivery of a cool bag, stuffed full of fresh, organic, cold-pressed green juices from Purifyne, ready to start my 3-day green cleanse.

I was offered the chance to roadtest one of their nationwide juice cleanses and as their ‘green cleanse’ plan is designed to create an alkaline enviroment within the body (it is well researched that many diseases, including cancer, cannot thrive in an alkaline environment) and boost the immune system, I signed up immediately. Hoping to rebalance the last two months of stress, glandular fever and general run-downness.

A quick word about juice detox delivery companies. Working as an editor in West London in the Noughties, it seemed that in-between the Fro-Yo bars and Cupcake Bakeries springing up by the dozen, the other booming business was juice/raw food delivery brands. In the name of research, I tried them all. From the good (Raw Fairies raw food detox is sublime and utterly delicious) to the ridiculous (namely the ‘one colonic a day for a week and barely enough nutrition to sustain a hamster’ approach). That said, my thrice yearly cleanses always did reboot my sugar/caffeine dependent, sluggish system and give me a whoosh of energy. Not to mention that rather welcome flatter tummy and 3-5lb weight-loss.

By moving to the country I begrudgingly accepted that, like a good Lebanese restaurant or haircut, juice cleanses just weren’t going to be at my beckon-call in the Shires. Until the email from Purifyne popped up and, after an email consultation, day one of my juice cleanse arrived.

For the uninitiated into the world of the juice cleanse, a green juice plan may be a little hardcore – each of the three 500ml daily juices contains a potent mix of lettuce, spinach, cucumber, celery, broccoli, green pepper, parsley… you get the jist. If it’s green and good for you. It’s in. So, if you’re expecting a fructose-heavy, fruity number – forget it. Purifyne are on a mission to rebalance your pH levels in 3 days, and they give you pH strips to wee on each night to chart your progress. Besides the juices (which I actually loved: fresh, clean and green), there is the daily ‘raw alkalising soup’. A thicker ‘smoothie’ consistency, it has added avocado (high in good fats) and a good hit of cucumber (known for it’s cleansing properties) as well as a rather potent kick of garlic, spring onion and lemon. When you get to that stage in a cleanse where you are desperate to actually chew something (usually about day 2 for me), this savoury, more filling recipe really hit the spot.

Purifyne have also devised a supplement plan to support the cleanse. Unlike a lot of programmes I’ve tried where you have to soak this or measure out that, Purifyne deliver everything pre-portioned and with your itinerary clearly laid out on a laminated side of A4. Idiot-proof. There is simply an alkalising mineral supplement and a colon cleansing powder that you mix with some juice in the morning. It is, frankly, a kinder and more gentle alternative to a colonic. Releasing oxygen through your digestive track to aid cleansing of ‘stagnant matter’. I’ll leave it there I think.

On the pampering front, there is a bag of Epsom Salts which they encourage you to bathe in each night to help release toxins; plus a sisal mitt for dry brushing each morning, to kick start a slugging lymphatic system, ergo helping the body to flush out those toxins.

With a fridge load of juices, some alkaline tea to sip in between and the box of Miso soup and cartons of coconut water that I stocked up on, I can honestly say I never, not once, got a hunger pang. Purifyne advise that rather than necking the juices at each ‘traditional mealtime’, you sip one slowly over 30-40mins, every 3-4 hours. Finishing your last juice 2-3 hours before bedtime to give your digestive system a good rest. Rather than missing food it it amazing how much time is frees up in your day when you’re not food shopping, preparing or cooking. I felt liberated and, which is very common, astounded at how much food I eat on a daily basis that my body, clearly, doesn’t need.

Those under-skin bumps on my arms (which are apparently a mild wheat intolerance) vanished, my tummy lost 5cms in bloating and that heavy fog of fatigue that has been hanging around since my glandular fever diagnosis, lifted gradually. Yes, a common goal for juice cleansers is weight-loss, and while I don’t really feel this kind of ‘quick fix’ is a healthy or particularly long-term weight loss tool, I did lose 4lbs.

A week post-cleanse and I still feel energised and my diet feels rebalanced. I have started juicing my own green juices for breakfast and lunch (more posts on this to follow), with plenty of raw salads and recipes from my favourite cookbook du jour, Honestly Healthy.

If you’re feeling rundown, need to fortify your immune system, or simply want to give your digestive system a bit of an overhaul after a period of over indulgence, give Purifyne a go.


3-day cleanse, £235*,

*PR Sample

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