CF Christmas: Wonderwood by Comme des Garcons

Following on from my previous review of Jour Pour Femme by Hugo Boss as a great gifting fragrance this Christmas, here’s one for the boys.

I’ve repurchased this for the OH this year as we were talking about scents last week and he mentioned this as ‘one of his favourite fragrances of all time’. Second only to his beloved, and tragically discontinued, Jo Malone Fresh Lime and Cedar which was INCREDIBLE.

Back to Wonderwood. I have worn Comme des Garcon’s ‘2’ fragrance on and off for years, and I don’t think there is one CDG fragrance I haven’t loved. Wonderwood is unisex, like all their fragrances, but I’d say it was pretty masculine in its profile – with a big hit of pepper, cedar and sandal woods, an immediate shot of bergamot and later a neck-nuzzling mix of vetiver and musky oud. I imagine it is what testosterone smells like, it is ‘I can chop down trees and wrestle grizzly bears’ manly.

It’s not a middle of the road ‘safe buy’ (or cheap either), so you’d have to know the person’s fragrance preferences before splurging on it, but if they like a woody, green, peppery scent – this could be a winner.

I bought a 100ml EDP for £60 instead of £75 at

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