CF Christmas: Jour pour Femme by Hugo Boss

I have had to delay my post on this fragrance, as for the last two weeks I haven’t been able to smell a thing! GREAT on the nappy changing front, not so good when you want to review a new perfume!

As a teen I was OBSESSED with Hugo Boss Deep Red, so was intrigued when I received a sample of Hugo Boss’ new fragrance, Jour Pour Femme to try. The reason I’ve included it in my CF Christmas series is because I think it would be perfect as a fragrance to gift. Normally I would steer clear of suggesting buying perfume as a present, unless you are told specifically what they like to wear, as it is such a personal thing. However, this would be perfect for a new partner, or perhaps someone you don’t know so well (a mother in law, boss, friend’s partner etc) as it is a great, easy, everyday fragrance.

I am all for the big ballsy fragrances; my dressing table is covered with Tom Ford Black Orchid, Mary Greenwell Lemon and Diptyque Volutes – all punchy, ‘HELLO! SMELL ME’ scents, which I truly adore. But sometimes its nice to have a fragrance to hand that you wear, rather than wears you. You know?

Jour Pour Femme is really light and clean and feminine. All white florals (honeysuckle, freesia, lily of the valley) and citrus bursts (grapefruit and lime). It’s not cloying and very modern in its floral profile and the zestiness keeps it light. To me, it just made me feel like I smelt good, rather than I smelt specifically of ‘something’ and I’ve had loads of ‘oooh, you smell nice’ comments this week to prove it.

The 50ml EDP is current on sale at The Perfume Shop at £39.99 (£10 off)


30-second review: Mary Greenwell Lemon EDP

I can safely say that this fragrance is The One. One of those scents that on first sniff you know will be in your perfume library FOREVER. Because yes, I have a perfume library, I’m fickle like that. My tastes change with the seasons and for differing occasions (always Diptyque Philosykos in Italy in the summer and always Tom Ford White Suede on Date Night).

I love the greenness to this lemon cologne – it’s fresh in a vibrant, botanical way rather than a zesty way. And, unlike a lot of citrus fragrances (Jo Malone being a classic case) this REALLY lasts. Like next morning linger, lasts.

The fragrance notes (if that helps for you to build a picture) are:
Top notes of Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Bergamot and Bitter Orange. While the heart is filled with Narcissus Absolute, Clary Sage, Hyacinth.

If you have been looking for a new spring fragrance stop, this is The One.

The skinny: £90 for 100ml EDP at – I was introduced to Lemon through my Glossybox subscription

CF Beauty Bulletin: February

So, to make some in-roads into the avalanche of beauty news in the inbox, I thought I’d start a quick, snippety ‘beauty news’ bulletin every few weeks. As previously a Health and Beauty Editor by trade, writing about new and upcoming launches, trends and treatments is really what snaps my compact (so to speak). I’ll only ever include news from brands I love, products that I am genuinely intrigued to try out and it’ll always be stuff that you can find in the next couple of weeks for an immediate beauty fix… here goes…

Marni’s first fragrance launches in February

With masculine notes of ginger and bergamot, drying down to a more delicate rose oil, then darker incense and patchouli – the first fragrance from Italian fashion house Marni is certainly a complex hybrid of sweet and spicy notes. The fragrance can’t be typified by any particular scent category (oriental, floral, woody etc) as Creative Director Consuelo Castiglioni explains they wanted the scent to be ‘elusive and without stereotype’, a scent to ‘surpass the seasons’ – a signature scent in the making I reckon.
The glass flacon is covered in Marni’s signature polka dots and is available nationwide from February.

Aerin’s second range, the Garden Colour Collection

Here are some snaps from the second collection from Aerin Lauder’s eponymous range ‘Aerin’ – already synonymous with beautifully packaged, grown-up flattering neutrals… this spring range certainly builds on that:

How pretty is this Floral Illuminating powder? (£45) the six pastel shades – swirled with a big brush across cheekbones, temples and collarbones – will perk up my grey winter skin a treat.

A Garden at Dusk Style Palette SS13 (£45) – I love a carefully edited compact without the usual token duff shade – the three eyeshadows can be layers for a day-to-night look and the blusher is a pretty ‘one shade fits all’ rose. Cute floral graphic and practical zip compact, too.

Multi Colour for Lip and Cheek in Freesia (£30) – this rose scented cream blusher/lip colour is my spring handbag essential – perfect for on the go touch-ups (is there any other kind for mums?!) and I *love* a cream blush texture that melts into the skin for a natural, healthy flush.

 Available for a limited period, from February, in Harrods, Selfridges and some John Lewis stores

Revlon’s Nearly Naked foundation

I love Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation for a ‘no-base base’. I am a huge advocate of being able to see your little skin quirks – freckles, skin tone, definition – rather than striving to make skin look too uniform. But at £30 I’m really intrigued to see how this new launch from Revlon, at £8.99, compares. The Nearly Naked formula promises:

“Weightless hollow silica pigments, allowing the makeup to mimic skin’s tone and texture; scatter light; diminish the look of fine lines and create a natural finish.”

Promising huh? There is green tea, black tea, oatmeal and jojoba oil – as well as a SPF20 – so plenty of skin nourishing vits and antioxidants, too.

Out 20 February at major Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and

Diptyqye Rose Duet candle – Valentine’s Day anyone?

If you go in for romance on the 14th, you could do worse than light one of these puppies to set the mood. My love of the Diptyque brand is well documented (Philosykos, 34 Blvd St. Germain, Volutes), and as a Beauty Ed I’ve been writing about their signature candles reliably for 6+ years, and that’s not about to change. This new ‘duet’ formula marries two of the Parisian perfumery’s scents – rose and baies or ‘roses scattered with blackcurrant leaves’ as they so poetically put it. Yum.

Available now at Diptyque stores and stockists, £42

Nars spring collection

If you’re looking to brighten up your make-up bag this spring, the Nars collection certainly delivers. Stella Tennant models the colourful collection, turning what looks on paper to be rather scary (paprika eyeshadow anyone?) into a beautiful, totally wearable pop of colour. I can’t wait to try the bold cyan and jewel green eye compact along the lash line this spring. Note: How incredible does Stella (aged 42) look?!

 The Spring 2013 Collection will be available from 1 February nationwide, priced from £14 to £24.

Phew! So that’s the first Beauty Bulletin done and dusted! What caught your eye? I’d love to know what beauty purchases you make this month and what recommendations you’re after for March!

CF x

CF Review: Volutes, the new fragrance from Diptyque

For those of you familiar with my particular beauty bent, my love of the new Diptyque fragrance will be no surprise (I am a true Philosykos fan). Yet what may surprise you is that I fell in love with it before the first sniff.

From the moment this email from Diptyque’s PR team popped into my inbox and I was captivated:

“The journey that Yves Coueslant, one of the three founders, used to make as a child on the transatlantic liners that connected Marseilles to Saigon provides the inspiration for diptyque’s latest fragrance, Volutes.  The dominating scents of Yves journey are an intimately linked shape and scent: the volute and tobacco. Smoking fumes from the liner’s chimneys. Foamy wakes. Flights of silk and chiffon. Wafts of expensive perfumes.

An incredibly chic, mild and honeyed tobacco with accents of wax, honey and dried fruit distinguishes the scent, followed by  full-bodied top notes of pink pepper, Madagascan pepper and saffron. Iris is also present, and brings the comfort and suppleness of very fine suede to these enveloping wisps.

Immortelle and myrrh alongside the tobacco give black, slightly bituminous notes. Storax, opopanax, benzoin do not merely offer this tobacco their generous warmth: they give it an unexpected balance and depth and deliciously extend its refined sillage.”

How romantic is that? It conjures up images of Titanic-esque glamour (minus the icebergs), of a golden age of travel where the East really was the far reaches of the world and getting there was half the adventure. I love that image of a small boy surrounded by all these exotic olfactory assaults – from lingering spices as they reached each port, to the honeyed tobacco favoured by the Middle East – which have stayed with him all this time and been diffused into one of Diptyque’s iconic bottles.

Once I had actually got round to smelling it, my love was sealed. Always one to eschew feminine, floral fragrances for something with a masculine kick, this scent is gooooood. Yes, the immediate hit is of expensive, sweet, fragrant tobacco. Mixed with what smells like a very masculine spicy cologne. I can almost visualise a man in a white linen suit, sitting on deck overlooking a Far Eastern port at dusk with a cigar in one hand and the spices from the market wafting on the breeze. Yep, you get all that from one sniff.

The dry down is softer; less spicy more suede, warmth and iris notes. It wears well and by the end of the day I was still getting faint traces of it on my skin, lingering like Yves memories.

The skinny: £50 for the 50ml EDT, £70 for the 100ml EDT and £85 for the 75ml EDP. Out 1 October 2012.

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