CF Christmas: Jour pour Femme by Hugo Boss

I have had to delay my post on this fragrance, as for the last two weeks I haven’t been able to smell a thing! GREAT on the nappy changing front, not so good when you want to review a new perfume!

As a teen I was OBSESSED with Hugo Boss Deep Red, so was intrigued when I received a sample of Hugo Boss’ new fragrance, Jour Pour Femme to try. The reason I’ve included it in my CF Christmas series is because I think it would be perfect as a fragrance to gift. Normally I would steer clear of suggesting buying perfume as a present, unless you are told specifically what they like to wear, as it is such a personal thing. However, this would be perfect for a new partner, or perhaps someone you don’t know so well (a mother in law, boss, friend’s partner etc) as it is a great, easy, everyday fragrance.

I am all for the big ballsy fragrances; my dressing table is covered with Tom Ford Black Orchid, Mary Greenwell Lemon and Diptyque Volutes – all punchy, ‘HELLO! SMELL ME’ scents, which I truly adore. But sometimes its nice to have a fragrance to hand that you wear, rather than wears you. You know?

Jour Pour Femme is really light and clean and feminine. All white florals (honeysuckle, freesia, lily of the valley) and citrus bursts (grapefruit and lime). It’s not cloying and very modern in its floral profile and the zestiness keeps it light. To me, it just made me feel like I smelt good, rather than I smelt specifically of ‘something’ and I’ve had loads of ‘oooh, you smell nice’ comments this week to prove it.

The 50ml EDP is current on sale at The Perfume Shop at £39.99 (£10 off)


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