CF Christmas: Luxury candles

As per my rant in the first of my ‘Christmas gift’ themed posts, I am of the school of thought that presents, whether Birthday or Christmas, should be highly indulgent and absolutely something that the recipient wouldn’t buy for themselves, but is either a pimped version of an everyday item or something with no practical use whatsoever but is solely designed for JOY – think bath oil, amazingly bound books, art, handmade chocolates, cashmere in any guise… There is a member of my family who shall remain anonymous, who bought his wife a new grill for her car one Christmas… suffice to say he has been making it up with expensive jewellery every since.

So, something that fits that remit rather nicely is the luxury candle. Decadent and cosy – they are as gorgeous on the Christmas table as they are on those long January nights flickering on the mantle.

Here’s my favourite trio this year:

Neom Organics Comforting Candle – £42

Cedarwood, Vetiver and Star Anise – if you hate all those cloying ‘Christmas Spice’ scents around at this time of year – this is the candle for you. I love the bronzed glass finish.

Mary Katrantzou for Rodial, £35


In Mary’s Babelle print, this citrusy number is one to put pride of place on the mantle. When the candle is finished it would make a great container for make-up brushes.

Liberty for Diptyque’s Insolite candle, £45

A luxury candle gift guide wouldn’t be complete without something from Diptyque. In winter I love feu de bois, pomander and cannelle. This Insolite scent is another citrusy one – with orange and lime, then spicy clove, cardamon and ginger and lingering cypress and white thyme.


CF Loves: Mary Greenwell Lemon EDP

I reviewed legendary make-up artist Mary Greenwell’s Lemon EDP back in February, when it was love at first sniff – and it’s one fragrance love-affair that has no signs of abating (as is my usual, fickle olfactory want).

So, after last week’s birthday, I knew exactly what I’d be splurging my birthday money on:

I really cannot convey *how much* I love this scent. The bottle is pretty spectacular, too.

The 100ml bottle is a weighty dressing-table-worthy number; a simple glass flacon, adorned by an oversized 22-carat gold plated pebble stopper. The fresh lime and lemon packaging reflects the ‘green notes’, which are the key to the amazingness of this vivid scent.

It has eschewed any cliched ‘zesty’ references, and intelligently and knowingly gone straight for the botanical, lemon grove freshness that has me ‘barefoot in Amalfi’ with one squirt. It’s so hard to describe, without sounding like Jilly bloody Goolden, but it’s as much about the leaves and the sun-warmed bark of the lemon grove, as it is about the fruit. It’s earthy and masculine but with a heart of narcissus absolute and hyacinth that keeps it pretty and fresh, rather than musky.

I haven’t got in this much of a flap about a fragrance since I discovered ‘White Suede’ by Tom Ford, which to me smells like amazing sex in the back of an expensive car with a hot guy (sorry mum, but it does). Yep, it’s leathery and smoky, with amber and saffron… it’s totally ungirly but at the same time incredibly womanly – if that makes sense? Like grown up, sexy, ballsy womanly – you know?

Anyway, back to Lemon. Another reason I splashed out for the 100ml was that at £90, instead of £60 for 50ml, it represented much better value for money and knowing that one squirt after my shower in the morning will last me through to the evening (boy does this scent wear well), it does actually represent good value (and quality) for money.

You can purchase Lemon, or Mary’s first scent Plum direct from her website, if you want to give it a whirl without splashing out, she offers a sample for £2.50. Or alternatively it is available in some House of Fraser stores.




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