CF Christmas: The Elemis Beauty Treasures Collection

I’m not going to edit a complete Christmas gift guide this year, but I thought I’d do quick posts on lovely, covetable things as/when I came across them. I know that’s a bit haphazard but that’s the way I do my Christmas shopping, throughout November and December I simply keep my eyes peeled for decadent, luxurious treats (because surely that’s the point of a present?) for my loved ones and pick them up as I go.

I am very much of the school of gift-giving that believes presents should be something you absolutely wouldn’t buy yourself. Ideally something that is just too frivolous or indulgent to warrant spending your own cash on, but makes the happiest of gifts to receive. I particularly like to buy people a ‘pimped’ version of something they use everyday. My mother in law walks the dog everyday, come rain or shine, so we bought her gorgeous cashmere-lined leather gloves from Burlington Arcade last year. Similarly, as a freelance editor I spend a rather large proportion of my day in pyjamas, so she indulged me with a cashmere tracksuit that has made my working life immeasurably happier. If you know someone who loves taking baths, why not indulge this with the most gorgeous bath oils you can find? It will make their daily soak all the more special. Or if they man in your life likes a morning cup of java, why not splurge on a coffee machine so he can ditch his morning Costa addiction and make his own? Cheaper in the long-run and something he will use well past New Year’s Day.

So, in that spirit, my first ‘find’ is the Elemis Beauty Treasures Collection. Elemis are doing various size/price point gift sets this year, but they all represent a saving on their individual prices. I hate it when companies put a premium on a ‘gift set’, basically charging you a couple of extra quid for some cardboard.

So, here it is in all its glory:

Firstly, all the products are full size – which I love, too. Nothing worse than half a dozen teeny tiny bottles that do one bath or a couple of hair washes. As I scanned the contents list I realised Elemis had managed to collate all my favourite ‘hero’ products into one metallic vanity case:

Skin Nourish Bath Milk (I extolled its virtues here)
Pro-Radiance cream cleanser (perfect as a kind-to-skin, nourishing winter cleanser)
Frangipani Monoi Body Oil (hands down my favourite scent from Elemis and my summer body staple)
Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (I haven’t used this for years but seem to remember it being a real face-plumper)
Papaya Enzyme Peel (the perfect way to combat grey winter skin as this enzyme peel is a much more gentle way to lift dead cells than a physical exfoliant – it leaves my face gleaming)

See? A great mix of face and body and all best-selling Elemis formulas.

Husband, if you’re out there – this is definitely one I’d love to find under the tree.

£135 (containing £211 worth of products!!!!) –

CF Style: Cos underwear

Lace Bra and Knickers £19/£17

I love COS for their knitwear and underwear in equal measures. These bras made it into my basket before you could say ‘Dolce & Gabbana esque’. I love the modern, soft and gentle shapes of their designs, that flatter the natural female curve. I loathe nothing more than underwear that hoiks you up, creates giant, padded spheres somewhere up by your chin and a squished together ‘mono-boob’ scenario. Yuck. If you like Gap Body’s comfy, everyday range that still manages to feel feminine and sexy, have a look at COS. They might tickle your fancy.

There are loads of great bold colours at the mo (I love this tangerine set) and colourful prints, too.

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