30 second review: Aveeno daily moisturising after-shower mist

aveeno sprayIn the mornings I don’t have time to slather myself with moisturiser in ‘circular, upward strokes’, then hop about naked whilst it dries. As a great woman once said: ‘ain’t nobody got time for that.’ Especially mothers being harassed by a toddler demanding ‘WEEETTAAABIXXXX’ and a 5yo quizzing them on ‘pyroclastic flow’ as they shower (just me?).

It’s not a sexy, glamorous beauty find, but I was immediately sold on this ‘quick fix’ from Aveeno on my weekly Boots sweep. Call me a lazy beauty junkie, but I like easy, quick, hard-working, effective products. If they’re a faff, chances are I won’t use them, no matter how effective they are.

This fine, light-weight formula comes out in a wide aerosol mist and works upside down, making it swift and a doddle to use – I jump out the shower, roughly towel myself dry but while my skin is still damp I hosed myself down, head to toe (well not face, neck to toe). Then rub it in. Done. No dry time, not tacky or greasy.

The oat extract means it’s really softening and soothing, without any overpowering fragrance (great if you want something that doesn’t compete with your perfume).

I’ve used it post shaving without irritation, and it’s a great prep step before applying fake tan, too.

You are most welcome.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising After Shower Mist, £7.50, 200ml

*If your skin is properly reptilian, La Roche Posay’s Lipikar Baume AP+ is the serious business. I use it once or twice a week before bed when my skin is sun/sea/chlorine battered.

30-second review: Bioderma Photoderm Autobronzant and Sebium H20 Micellar water cleanser

I picked these two up in Escentual.com’s current ‘French Pharmacy Brand Sale’ this week. I’ve been using Bioderma’s Crealine H20 micellar water (the original pink one, for sensitive skin) for aaaggges, picking up triple packs in bulk when across the channel. This time though, I took advantage of the generous 1/3 off discount (on till the end of June I think) to try out the ‘Sebium H20’ version – for combination/blemish-prone skin.

For those unfamiliar with the micellar texture/formula: it is a water solution, infused with teeny tiny oil droplets, that emulsify the dirt/grease/make-up on your skin and clean it away is a really light, non-clogging but super efficient way. There is nothing better after a day in the city: soak 2-3 cotton pads in micellar water straight from the fridge, thoroughly cleanse the face and throat and watch the daily dirt disappear. You face is left super soft, not squeaky or dry.

In general, the French pharmacy brands do this formula best – the Roche Posay one is great, as is the Caudalie one. The Sebium H2O one has been great for regulating my oily t-zone which seems to go haywire in the heat and isn’t astringent like other ‘oily skin’ cleansers seem to be.

I was running low on my beloved Invisible Zinc Jet Set spray tan, so picked up Bioderma’s Autobronzant with a 1/3 off, too.

I didn’t even know Bioderma did fake tan, but this formula is goooooood. The spray is a light mist that gives continual coverage even when held upside down, so you can spritz away and get an even coverage (I always use my trusty St. Tropez mitt though, to buff away any streaks/runs). Straight away you get a sheeny, glow and after 3-5 hours a super natural, non-orange colour develops. I would say a couple of consecutive day’s application would be needed to get some real colour, but that to me is a good thing, meaning you can layer it up when you want a deeper tan. The smell just reminds me of expensive sun cream, after the tan has developed there was zero whiff of DHA. My find of the summer I reckon.



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