30 second review: L’Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water

L'Oreal Hydraphase Aloe Water
L’Oreal Hydraphase Aloe Water

Well this really is a little bit genius if you are currently sweltering in the British heatwave, or heading off to sunny climes this summer.

Don’t get me wrong, I *love* heat – humid, tropical climates are my jam, but when it comes to skincare I don’t want cloying, sticky creams and balms. I want cooling, quenchy gels that really hydrate and don’t irritate my skin (I still stand by this review of Astalift that ticks all these boxes and more).

I’ve used Hydraphase range from La Roche Posay in France for the last few summers. It’s fab, really hydrating, light and non-irritating. I particularly like the light daily moisturiser with broad spectrum SPF20 and the intense serum for a serious hit of hydration.

But I’m in the UK at the mo and this was on offer in Boots; plus in the heat-haze I was sucked in by the ‘Aloe Water’ quenchy tagline.

The Aloe sap and Hyaluronic Acid are its top billing ingredients. The ‘liquid care’ texture is a hybrid gel/cream that’s a super light-weight water-based formula. I cleanse as normal then when my skin is still damp I slather a pump or two of this on. It’s sucked in super quick, doesn’t leave the skin tacky and I know it’s a skincare cliche, but it does feel like your skin’s had a drink. It smells really good too – a summery, marine fragrance. I then apply my sunscreen over the top (Ultrasun SPF 30) and I’m good to go. I use more targeted skincare in the evening (wrinkles, pigmentation etc), this isn’t going to do much on that front, but for keeping your skin hydrated and peachy during the day – it’s a winner.

There are versions for dry/normal and normal/combination skin. L’Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water, Boots.com – currently £6.66 – normal price £9.99

30 second review – Chi coconut water

2014-01-08 09.22.43I added this coconut water brand to my weekly shop, I’m not ashamed to admit, purely on the basis of its beautiful packaging. Isn’t it stunning? We are usually a Vita Coco household but what can I say – new year, new coconut water (isn’t that how the saying goes?!) and 3 litres in, I’m a convert.

Country Bebe has a real addiction to coconut water (you can take the boy out of West London…) – it all started when he was really poorly with croup before Christmas and not eating at all, it was the only thing we could coax him into drinking and as it’s great for rehydration and is full of electrolytes we were happy for him to keep swigging. That and a Nakd bar and he’s all set on the snack front.

Now, without sounding like a complete ponce about it, the difference between Chi and other coconut waters is that it really does taste as close to ‘hacking the top off a green coconut and sticking a straw in it’ as you can get. A lot of other brands have added sugar or are messed around with to get a sweeter flavour but this is as raw and pure as it comes. Because of that, I’d say it was a tad more ‘savoury’ than other brands but FULL of flavour that is much more nuanced than other sweeter brands. The one with added pineapple was great too, tropical and slightly sweeter, without being tooth-achingly so. They do a chocolate coconut milk and an espresso version too that I’m intrigued to try, as well as an organic cold-pressed coconut oil, too.

You can buy Chi Coconut Water at Planet Organic, Wholefoods, Nutricentre and online at the brilliant Nature’s Healthbox – it is around £3.49 a litre.




CF Gadgets: iDrated app – hydration tracker

So, for the last couple of weeks I’ve been trialling a few health apps for a new project I’m editing (sorry to be mysterious, I will spill the beans shortly) and I wanted to share with you this week a few of my favourites that have made a real difference already.

First up: iDrated water consumption tracker app. (developed by Locassa Ltd, 69p, App Store)

I bought this a month ago as I knew I was waaaayyy off on my daily water consumption. My skin was dry and dull, I was getting more regular headaches and my concentration was a nanosecond long. All red flags to dehydration. I wanted something that not only logged what I was drinking, but that prompted me to drink, too.

I love the fact this handy app requires no data input, just a swipe of the finger to fill or empty a virtual bottle to indicate how much you’ve drunk. So, before I started I did a quick measure of my favourite mug (300ml), one of our water glasses (500ml) and I was ready to go!

You can set your own daily consumption target but I kept it at the recommended 2lt. You get prompted with a little alert when you are due a sip, making sure you hit this target each day.

It has made me soooooo much more aware of keeping hydrated, and made me realise how little I was drinking! Two litres initially felt like a swimming pool’s worth but it’s not at all. Two big glasses of water and four herbal teas throughout the day and I’m there. On that note, it has renewed my obsession with herbal teas – Pukka’s Vanilla Chai, Three Ginger, Three Mint and Night time being my current tipples.

After a month I cannot believe how clear and glowy my skin feels, my skincare regime hasn’t changed radically so I really do think it’s simply the fact that I’m properly hydrated. My headaches are completely gone and, working 8 hours days at a computer, I’ve noticed my concentration improve in leaps and bounds, too.

For 69p I can’t think of a cheaper way to improve my health, skin and mind!

*Note: this is not a sponsored post – I paid the full 69p for it!

Up next: Sleep!



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