CF review: Astalift

Fujifilm have made the no. 1 skincare product in Japan. Say what?

If I’d told you Hunter wellies were doing a line in mascara or Mr. Kipling was launching a handbag collection you’d scoff right? These brands, trying to get their fingers in all the pies… tut.

Well, it’s not as weird a venture as you might think. Fujifilm has spent 70 years at the forefront of photographic technology. They have learnt the optimum use of antioxidants to stop photographs from fading and collagen is an essential ingredient in photographic film. So actually, transferring all this knowledge to create a skincare range to stop our skin fading ( ergo ageing), isn’t so far fetched.

There is the range’s hero product – the jelly aquarysta rejuvenating concentrate. The coral red colour comes from the marine alga the light jelly is packed with – a huge natural antioxidant source. Crucially, they have used a much smaller collagen molecule in their patented formula. Collagen is key if you want to see serious anti-ageing results. It is essential for boosting moisture levels, firmness and the skin’s elasticity (all the things that decrease with age). Normally collagen molecules are far too big to actually penetrate the skin, so only sit around on the surface making superficial changes.

Okay, enough science.

The jelly (it really is like a semi-set Rowntrees’ tangerine jelly) and their replenishing day cream have been part of my skincare regime for a couple of months now. I could have told you after just a week how the rose-scented jelly’s super light texture sucked straight into my skin and made it feel instantly juicy. I could have extolled the day cream’s ability to imbue a calming glow to my sleep-deprived, hormonal skin but I thought I’d wait and see what REAL changes these little pots could make.

Well ladies, if the PR wasn’t 200 miles away in London I would kiss her pretty Irish face. THESE PRODUCTS RULE. Come to that, the techy wizard that came out with the formula in Tokyo would be getting a smacker, too.

I kid you not, using both the jelly and the day cream only once a day in the mornings, I have actually seen a change in the texture of my skin. Ironically for a photographic company, it actually looks like I’ve been airbrushed. All those niggly little lines around my eyes are plumped out but in general, across my cheeks and forehead, my skin is just more refined and dark spots/blemishes etc have been rubbed out. I love the jelly’s slightly weird wobbly texture. It absorbs instantly and is light and cooling. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been slathering them both on and that’s it. No base, not even tinted moisturiser. That is how skin confident they have made me. Love, love, love.

Jelly Aquarysta: £69, 40g. £44, 30g.


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