My new vintage winter coat

Many moons ago, as an impoverished journalism student, I picked up a brown tweed coat in Greenwich Market for £10, and boy did I love it. Big chocolate brown buttons, nipped in waist, oversized collar and fantastically full, to the knee, silhouette. Alas, the lining tore, I was too poor to get it properly mended and it gradually got lost in the back of my wardrobe nearly a decade ago. I still think of it fondly and so when I saw this coat in the window of a local charity shop I did a double-take. It is my original coat’s warmer, more glamorous older sister.

I barely had to try it on before I was handing over £12 (!) and skipping down the street, snuggling into it’s wonderful (fake) fur collar. It’s a little big but the belt can be cinched in and it’s the perfect roomy proportions and length to cycle in.

If you’re looking for a vintage coat this winter, head over to the impeccably sourced and edited selection at Lovely’s Vintage Emporium, I love this one.


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2 thoughts on “My new vintage winter coat”

  1. My god, I love this coat. Please wear it. Or at least lock it in your wardrobe and throw away the key as I might be tempted to stuff it in Nicholas lanes new rucksack!

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